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Guest Editorial #G19
by Matt Smith
September 13, 2001

We are at war with terrorism. Bottom Line. This is not a one week war, a one month or even one year war. This is an eternal war with no limits or boundaries. This is a war for international freedom, not national freedom. Upon instances of U.S. retaliation, yes, we will see even more extremists come from nowhere. That is a good thing. We want to see them, as now they’re invisible. When US intelligence gets upgraded to cold war capability again, no doubt, we will have more eyes to counter those added terrorists. If we are going to bring our civilization and our generations of children forward, we have no choice but to make this commitment. I ask you, do you have children or do you know anyone with children? If so, take a good look at them right now. Remember them as they are because without our help, they will live in a different society of strict law and limits on freedom as we know it yesterday. I ask you, are you in or out?

The Immoral Feast

Editorial #26
by James C. Benerofe
March 9, 2001

Is former President Bill Clinton any more immoral than anybody else or are we just hell bent on ripping his political guts out? Don’t get me wrong, I would not do a lot of the things that Bill Clinton has done but I don’t believe that other Presidents and other politicians have not done equally bad things.

One of the really questionable things that most if not all politicians have done is accept contributions from the tobacco industry — some still do. What is even worse is that the media has accepted millions of dollars in tobacco advertising over the years even after writing and knowing incontrovertible scientific facts that tobacco will kill a certain number of its users indiscriminately. In the United States alone more than 400,000 people die each year from tobacco related illness. A lot of people make big money from those deaths. Relatively few of those money makers have ever paid much of a price.

That is just one nasty example of truly immoral behavior in this country and I am sure that we could all come up with more. We can continue to castigate Mr. Clinton but we should also include everyone else who engages in high crimes and misdemeanors. I don’t believe that other Presidents granted pardons without getting some kind of benefit that was never found out about. There are lots of dirty little secrets, we just have to look around and we can blame them on Bill Clinton. Nobody ever did a bad thing, just Bill Clinton. It is time to leave the former President alone and stop attacking him. I’m tired of paying for the investigations and it is too hard to keep up with the accusations. Mr. Clinton has probably reached the point where he gets up in the morning and turns on the radio to get the accusations of the day. It’s really time to give it up. This country is one big immoral feast and Bill Clinton has not cornered the market.

Westchester Nimbys

Guest Editorial #G18
by Harley Carnes
May 4, 2001

Westchester County’s airport nimbys are the tail that wags the dog. Hear that shrill whining noise? No, it is not a jet plane. It’s the airport neighbors. They make lots of noise about the noise produced by the airport. They don’t want to hear airplanes taking off early in the morning. We all can sympathize.

There are seemingly obvious points that the Nimby’s ignore. A – the airport was there first. You move next to an airport, you have no business complaining about the noise. Airports, and all of the activities they generate, make noise. And B – the inconvenience of the few does not outweigh the needs of the many.

There are realities conveniently ignored by that handful of people, and the paramecia politicians who wiggle when prodded.

In 1998, the airlines agreed to a voluntary curfew, a limit on flights from midnight to 6:30 am. Since then, the demand for air travel has climbed like an empty jet, leaving airlines flying with crowded airplanes and jammed terminals. That goes for people in Westchester County, by the way, who are high on the list of frequent flyers, like most wealthy counties.

So, the County Exec wants to keep people from going to the parking garage until 6:30 am .. thereby denying the airline its passengers. It actually denies passengers from all through the region the opportunity to take a 6-AM out of White Plains.

The FAA has approved the slot. Why? Because, you – the traveling public have put such demand on the system, that more airplanes must fly. Anyone, including anyone from Westchester, who’s wrestled with the crowds at LaGuardia, or Newark, or JFK understands that. Anyone .. except for the few who live near the airport.

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