Too Old To Lead

By James C. Benerofe

The three leading candidates for president of the United States are all in their mid to late seventies.  Probably 90 percent of people in that age group are retired or planning to retire in the very near future.  They are not thinking of running a major corporation or even a small company—to say nothing of running the most powerful country in the entire world. These three men–President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, and United States Senator Bernie Sanders have all exhibited age related behavior during their campaigning. The national media seems to be ignoring this issue. These men are old and it is a serious issue.  The odds of them dying or developing an incapacitating illness during their term in office is very high.  Additionally, the normal aging process will also take its toll.

It’s time for a dose of reality–old men or old women can’t run a country of 329,000,000 people. If your over 65 running for President is just not a good option.

Footnote: I am 78 years old. I thought for a very long time before writing this editorial.  Many of my friends are in this age group.  I am very familiar with the problems they face. The willingness to choose candidates in this age range is absolutely crazy.

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